Hi there, my name is Kate Erlenbusch and I’m a writer based in Geelong, Australia.


I’ve worked as a professional writer since 2013, and I’ve been a qualified English teacher since 2008. I launched Word Love because I love words (obviously) and wanted the freedom to work on cool projects with interesting people from all around the globe. Kudos to the Internet and Skype for making that possible.


On this website you’ll find content covering the power of story, bibliotherapy, creativity and musings about what it means to be human.


I make my income primarily as a copy and content writer, but I’m also hired as a writing mentor, coach and researcher for all kinds of writing and story-based projects.


My passion for story as medicine means I work well with professionals in the health and wellbeing space. Oh, and I have a not-so-secret interest in dreams and the moon.


So what does this mean for you?


If you’re curious about your own life stories and want to discover your voice then download my free Origin Story Workbook. If you’d like to discuss a writing project, email me at katewordlove@gmail.com

Thanks for visiting!