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Brooke Bayes — Wonder Woman of the Month

March 26th, 2014 | 2 comments

{ The New Breed of Wonder Women is a monthly feature that highlights a woman whose work is filled with joy + wonder. While the traditional wonder woman archetype perpetuated an unattainable model of femininity, this new breed of wonder women inspire us to be real, follow our passions + above all else: celebrate our wisdom.}

You know that girl from high school — who seems to rock an enviable blend of good looks, great grades, social smarts and stellar ambition? You know, the one you’d totally hate if it wasn’t for one thing: she was also incredibly lovely. To everyone. Yep. That girl.

Not only someone I actually did go to school with, but the co-creator of one of my favourite corners of the web (which I hope will be yours too.)

Introducing Brooke Bayes, this month’s Wonder Woman.

Brooke Bayes

Brooke is a journalist, , TV+ radio producer, currently executive producer of the Chrissie + Jane show on Mix 101.1 and co-creator of one of my favourite corners of the web.  (Because, hey, over-achieving is something she wears well.)

In 2013 Brooke co-founded Show + Tell Online with her friend Katie “Monty” Diamond, media personality + social commentator. I fell in love with Show + Tell online because having grown up exposed to a lot of American chat shows, Show + Tell was something fresh featuring amazing Aussie chicks.

It’s such a joy to share the wisdom of this woman with you.

So let’s dive in…

Brooke, you started Show + Tell from this frustration that while there were plenty of US conversational shows, you couldn’t find enough of that kind featuring Aussie dames.  So you created exactly that. Showcasing some pretty hot voices in Australia, I’m curious to know what you feel defines the Aussie female voice? What is unique or different about how Aussie women express themselves?

That’s right, there are plenty of great US conversational shows where women act as a voice for other women, but we couldn’t find enough of this kind of thing featuring our own Aussie women so we thought we’d create our own! We wanted to be able to reflect Australian culture and the Australian lifestyle which is something that hasn’t been done in this medium before.

While our lifestyles are different to that of women in other parts of the world, what we do believe is women all over the world are actually very similar, we all want the same things, have the same fears and struggles and are trying to do the best we can in our lives. We are talking to female celebrities, authors, politicians and women who are prominent in their field about career, love, family, friendships and other topics that interest and affect women.


Part of Show+ Tell’s appeal is the intimate, raw chats with women. It feels like the honest conversation you’d have with a girlfriend. Why do you believe Australian women are hungry for this kind of conversation? Is it simply the thrill of eavesdropping, or is it something deeper?


The thrill of eavesdropping is definitely there! But more so, I think people connect with these videos because we all just want to know that we’re not alone. We all want to know that there are women going through exactly what we are at any given moment of our life, and if one of our interview subjects can shed some light on something that our audience is dealing with or even help them through it, then that’s a wonderful thing. Sometimes, it’s enough to just watch the videos and know you’re not the only one who is going through a particular struggle.

Often we think and feel things that we may not admit to even our friends or partners, things such as; dealing with mental illness and depression, the ups and downs of marriage and relationships, body image struggles, and even how you sometimes feel about your children that you fear you’d be judged if you said aloud.

We hope that by talking about these things in a really raw and real way, other people won’t feel as alone. We want you to grab a cuppa (or a wine!) and feel like you are part of the conversation while watching the videos. I know that I take something away and learn something from each woman we interview and I hope that our audience does the same. If the women you are watching can inspire you to take a chance or try something new, then that’s a really special thing.


Show+Tell Girls You’ve met + worked with incredible women. Can you share some highlights + aha moments about women who’ve inspired you or changed your life in some way?


This is a hard one, there have been many! Here are some highlights from the women we’ve featured on The Couch.


Jo Stanley talked about how being ‘mindful’ has changed her life. Jo mentioned tools that we can all adapt to be more mindful in our every day lives and this really struck a chord with me, so much so that I have used  these tools each day since our interview with Jo.

Click to watch Jo Stanley’s Show + Tell Interview.


Sam Lane talked about the importance of ‘switching off’, how she does this and why it’s so important to her. This really hit home with me and I try to practise her rules in this area – sometimes it’s easier said than done though! But it’s certainly made more aware and really highlights how important it is to look after ourselves and take time out from everything that is going on around us.

 Click to watch Sam Lane’s Show + Tell Interview.

Many people we’ve had on the couch such as Rebecca Gibney, Clare Bowdich and Sam Stynes have been very open about therapy changing their lives. It’s important to invest in ourselves – even when things are great – so we are better equipped to deal with things when they’re not so great. Before starting Show + Tell this wasn’t something that I would’ve considered, now it’s essential.

Click to watch Rebecca Gibney on nervous breakdowns. 

I can’t talk about highlights and not include some of the really fun highlights we’ve had!

Chrissie Swan, Jane Kennedy and and Fifi Box, to name a few, had me in stitches with their honesty!  http://www.showandtellonline.com.au/on-the-couch-with/chrissie-swan// http://www.showandtellonline.com.au/on-the-couch-with/fifi-box/

And of course, having Mia Freedman, one of my idols, on the couch was a big moment for me.

Women like Mia and Lucy Feagins from The Design Files, who we’ve also had on the couch, are women who have taken their businesses from the laptops in their bedrooms to hugely successful companies  – I found it hard not to hang on every word they said in their interviews! I respect them both a lot.

Click to watch Mia Freedman on the Show + Tell Couch

Click to watch Lucy Feagins on the Show + Tell Couch.

Hungry for more chats with Aussie dames?

Show+Tell logo

Check out Show + Tell Online (grab your cuppa/wine/green smoothie for maximum viewing pleasure.)

And here’s to celebrating the real wonder women in your own life.

Kate XO

P.S I’m passionate about celebrating real wonder women (haven’t you noticed?), so I’d love you to nominate a female friend, mentor or  what Clare Bowditch has coined the “frentor” in the comments below. Tell me who you are celebrating and why they are so wonder-filled.

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  1. Laura says:

    Love this concept Kate. Women building other women up is so lovely rather than the constant negative stuff going around. I wrote a piece about Mother Idols a while back because I’m a big believer in learning from those around us who are the masters! Great website those chicks are running!!

    • Kate Erlenbusch says:

      Thanks, Laura. And yes — your piece about mother idols was brilliant! Show + Tell is wonderful (plus I love the recipes!).

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