Copy Remedy


You feel it, know it inside out, and see it working.


Whether it’s your creative idea, healing practice or a business born from passion and purpose.
After pouring in your expertise, experience and excitement, you’re full to the brim with promising results…

And then you try to write your copy.


While you attempt to put words around what you do, what you make, how it helps and why its needed, either something gets lost in translation or you simply don’t have the time or uninterrupted space to do it justice.
Solution: Copy Remedy is a writing service designed to increase confidence in your communication, connection with your right people and (much-needed) space in your schedule.

Since launching in 2013, I’ve joined forces with over a hundred creatives, holistic practitioners and kind-hearted business types on a range of writing projects.

Projects such as:

  • Website content + copy
  • Articles + blog posts
  • Email sequences
  • eBooks (and regular books)
  • Brochures
  • Educational materials
  • Journals + Guidebooks
  • Product/podcast names + descriptions
  • Social media bios + captions
  • Brand names + tag lines
  • Sales letters
  • Proposals
Julie Parker | CEO & Founder, Beautiful You Coaching Academy
Kate Erlenbusch is an amazing writer and creative who I have loved working with and referring clients to for years – and I know for years to come. Her guest posts, articles and soulful interviews for our Academy and inspired COACH Magazine always elicit heartfelt responses and amazing connections for us.
If you are a spirited and heart centred entrepreneur – get Kate on your ‘must work with’ list now.  She’s a word love gem.
Julie Parker | CEO & Founder, Beautiful You Coaching Academy
Dr Kate Byrne | Betty Means Business

Kate is a copy alchemist, able to masterfully draw out and shine a light on her client’s unique them-ness.  I’ve recommended Kate to all my private clients in need of a wordsmith, and they all rave about her.  She’s down-to-earth, generous, insightful, super smart, and always up for a belly laugh.

Dr Kate Byrne | Betty Means Business
Ezzie Spencer PhD | Lunar Abundance

 When it came to creating an invitation for my Lunar Abundance Salon, my first choice was Kate. I had witnessed her ability to craft words for others in a way that seemed to translate their intentions, integrity and positive energy. And when Kate and I spoke about my desires, I felt that she really ‘got’ me and my project (when you know it’s the right person, you just *know*).


Kate’s pre-questionnaire was thoughtfully prepared, we were zinging off each other in our live session, and there were just a few days of eager anticipation until I was to receive the first draft. What delighted me the most, though, was the copy that Kate sent through: I experienced full body tingles! Kate accessed my inner world and expressed my thoughts & energy in a way that makes me want to take up my own invitation (hee hee). Wow! You are one talented lady, Madam Word Love. Thank you.

Ezzie Spencer PhD | Lunar Abundance
Sara Brooke | Reiki Master Teacher, The Space in Between

Working with Kate was such an amazing and powerful experience, I cannot sing her praises loud enough. For awhile I knew I wanted to present my Reiki Training in a different way to the rest of the industry. I was sick of feeling like my website copy was just a regurgitated, yawn-worthy version of everything else that is already out there. I needed a fresh set of talented eyes over it to help me create something unique and special.

From the moment I pitched my vision to Kate, she just got it. I instantly fell in love with the copy she wrote for me. Kate was able to take the content I needed to share and express it in a way that is in alignment with my authentic voice, values and teaching style. Kate is a phenomenal copy writer and a beautiful heart-centred soulful woman, I feel blessed to have worked with her. Highly recommended.

Sara Brooke | Reiki Master Teacher, The Space in Between


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