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Do You Want to Write Your Story?

August 31st, 2015 | 1 comment

Everybody’s got a story.


Some people know their story well. Others can’t “see” that they have one, let alone how to share it — and with whom.


Maybe you’ve made peace with your story. Maybe you’re still piecing it together.


Whether you feel shame, pride or a mixture of many emotions, I’ve come to believe this:


Your story doesn’t define you. You define your story.


Whenever I write a client’s About Page, I know my work is not just about the About Page. Sure, the end result is a well-crafted About Page that speaks to their right people, but there’s more to it than that.


Through the process of writing an About Page, you have to sift through your life’s experiences: the personal as well as the professional.  It’s this intersection between the personal and professional that, I believe,  unveils your purpose.


What if you knew your story so well, it had the power to write itself?


I’ve created a short course, WRITE YOUR STORY to help you do just that: know your story, see your story and ultimately, feel proud of the story you share.


Over four weeks, I’ll take you on a journey through:


  • Releasing inner stories of sabotage.
  • Your fictions, fears and fantasises.
  • Understanding your personal stories and professional glories.
  • Meeting “the one with ears to hear you.”
  • How to Write an About Page that is purposeful (and compelling).
  • How to Write an About Page that sounds like you.

And, no, it’s not just an eCourse. You will get to ask me ANYTHING about your story, during 2 Live Q&A calls.

If you’ve ever felt blocked when writing your story, or feel unsure about what must be communicated (and what doesn’t need to be shared publicly), this course was lovingly created for you.

I’ve always believed human lives are composed like art; full of synchronicity, significance and soul medicine. From that perspective your life looks like poetry. It is.

Write Your Story course details will be released on September 24th. 

To receive your special invitation, make sure you’ve subscribed to my list.

Love Kate x








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  1. Renee Bell says:

    oohhhh, it sounds fabulous!!!
    cant wait xx

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