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Tired of your tagline? Try this instead.

April 23rd, 2014 | 1 comment




1. a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation

1.1 a Vedic hymn

1.2 a statement or slogan repeated frequently

Confession: I’m done with tag lines.

It’s not that I don’t understand the usefulness of summing up your business/work/life purpose in less than 10 words.  And of course we know that the best tag lines are clear, not clever. Yet when you hear the words tag line…. don’t you still want to go for gold? Don’t you still want to craft that tag line that’s both clear + just a bit clever too?

Perhaps because when we see/hear/register a unique tag line our immediate response is, usually —  that’s SO clever.

Recently (as in this morning) I had the holy pleasure of interviewing an incredible man — Bhava Ram — for an upcoming issue of Aspire Magazine. Bhava Ram is the author of the highly-acclaimed memoir Warrior Pose: How Yoga Literally Saved My Life.

While doing research for the interview, I naturally discovered Bhava’s (pretty awesome) tag line.

“Own Your Power. Live Your Truth.”

And besides thinking “Wow! Only last week I’d channelled “Own Your Power” as a tagline for my CopyLove Immersion client (she went with another option), I was struck by how it felt more like a mantra than a tag line.

Knowing Bhava’s story I couldn’t think of a more resonant mantra for his entire life.  He had another “mantra” that literally turned his life around before he even knew what the hell a mantra was….but I’ll leave that story for the article.

Are you finding your own tag line less than inspiring?

Instead of writing a tagline, try a mantra instead. In fact:


Write a mantra for your tribe.


The current trend seems to be (for people in my golden hippy-happy corner of the net) that your tag line identifies a) who you’re serving and b) how. Examples include “Creative Writing for Creative Women” or “Heart-Centred Coaching for Spiritual Seekers”….and there’s nothing particularly wrong with this approach.

It’s just that I’m changing my mind about how to view tag lines. I’m moving from instructional to inspirational. And I’m definitely done with my own. Too wordy. And if I’m honest, I’m no longer interested in “saving the world”….even if it is, tongue-in-cheek, from gobbledygook!

I’m embracing the mantra-for-your-tribe approach. The one that if your ideal client/follower/FB stalker repeated over + over again silently (or out loud) would achieve what you wanted them to achieve. And by achieve I mean feel/discover/learn/understand/get your mission.

There’s a reason why Nike’s slogan is so powerful. And from this perspective (also brought to my attention by Bhava Ram) we see that commercial advertising wants us to repeat, embrace + embody their mantras.

Which leaves those of us committed to raising human consciousness, uplifting + empowering our culture, finding authentic power + happiness, with no other choice: we must create powerful, authentic mantras for our business communities + tribes.

While I’m on the subject of tag lines: I’ll be changing mine soon. As with all creative work, I know the right one will find me, I just need to get out of the way. But I feel that the mantra for my tribe approach is calling WordLove in that direction.

How about you? Do you resonate with the mantra philosophy of tag line generation?

I’d love you to share your thoughts in the comments section below.


Kate XO




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  1. I love the mantra idea. Absolutely: it is an intention that you send out into the world. What we focus on, expands – and, finds us x

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