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January’s Wonder Woman: Ezzie Spencer, stargazing philosopher

January 26th, 2014 | no comments

{ The New Breed of Wonder Women is a monthly feature that highlights a woman whose work is filled with joy + wonder. While the traditional wonder woman archetype perpetuated an unattainable model of femininity, the new breed of wonder women are inspiring us to be real, to follow our passions + above all else: celebrate our wisdom.}

moon blossoms

You know that awkward (slightly exhilarated) feeling you have when you share something online thinking “have I exposed too much?” That’s exactly how I felt when I divulged details of my turbulent relationship with astrology’s bad boy Mercury Retrograde. I feared my friends would either judge me or would dismiss me as a fruitloop.

Thankfully I didn’t lose any friends. They already know I’m a fruitloop.

But what was a surprising bonus was the fact that blog post resonated with a certain stargazing philosopher, whose work I’ve come to adore.

Introducing Ezzie Spencer: a woman that had me at these two words: “feminine” and “productivity.” I didn’t quite know what that meant. But I knew it was something juicy.

Sidenote: Ezzie’s pretty much transformed my relationship to my birth chart, reignited my passion for the moon + stars. And finally, finally given me astrological proof that my eldest son’s life purpose is to push.my.buttons.

Let’s dive in…

What’s your mission? Why do you this work?

I am deeply committed to advancing women’s wellbeing. It’s my life work: for years, I devoted myself to a PhD on promoting women’s wellbeing following sexual violence. The Spencer Method is another expression of this work, where I help women move from ‘survivor’ mode into the paradigm of ‘thriving’.

 Through my business, I help women who are already successful in the work sphere to get the other areas of their lives humming, too. In my vision, we all enjoy emotional wellbeing, abundance, fulfilling relationships, and optimal health: the full gambit. It’s possible, but it does require effort, an identification and release of our old patterning and habits, and usually a significant mindset switch, too.

 How do you define the “feminine” flavour of productivity as distinct from the masculine model of productivity? Isn’t productivity, productivity? Tell me how you see the difference.

‘Feminine’, for me, is representative of what the Taoists call yin: a state of being, and an energy that is receptive or magnetic. I use the term ‘masculine’ to represent yang energy, expressed as external action and ‘doing’. These concepts are not actually gendered—we all need both, albeit in different measures—but that projection can actually be quite useful in understanding how I frame productivity. Neither is better than the other. But I’d argue that ‘productivity’ as it’s usually framed is actually just ‘masculine productivity’.

We as women have just absorbed this vision of what is required to be successful—work, do, plan, achieve!—and as a result, we’re increasingly out of balance. I was the prime example of this, burning out in my late twenties as an A-type lawyer (in my mid-twenties, I was working a prestigious law job, and also lecturing in constitutional law, doing nighttime pro bono work at community legal centres, and writing academic articles about Indigenous rights on the weekend…!).

When I finally saw what was going on, and made changes in my life, I saw immediate and tangible results. I cruised through my PhD, establishing my business simultaneously. That’s pretty rare. First, I worked out what I was really good at, what my soul calling was, and what I deeply desired from the doctorate. The right supporters, funding, international speaking opportunities, and ultimately a perfect exam result: it all literally flowed to me, opening up space to develop my passion business. It wasn’t without effort, mind: it was just a different type of effort. This is what I teach in the Spencer Method.

Trend Forecast: With the rise of women building their own online businesses creating virtual empires from their homes, what do you predict about working practices + the role of women? Do the stars have anything special to add?

Obviously, we’re currently in a period of profound cultural change. Cosmically, the period between 2012-2015 is the biggest change period, with April 2014 as the next peak moment. I think we’ll turn around in a few years, look back at the way that things were done last decade, and wonder WTF just happened here? Our lives and structures are changing so quickly–and all around us–that we can’t even fully see it. I’m observing it with great interest.

It’s not just a fait accompli for women, though. Plenty of women are leaving the corporate sector to establish online businesses, lured by the promise of a beach lifestyle funded by passive income, and then end up replicating their old patterns, burning themselves out in a new setting. We’ve got to be conscious of our habits, and do the inner work, to enjoy being an empowered co-creatrix of our business and life.

What opportunities do women have to bring their cyclical natures right into their businesses? How can the moon shed light on honouring our cycles within a business model?

Every opportunity. Entrepreneurship offers the freedom for us to organise our schedules and life in accordance with our cycles: it has a lot to do with awareness and planning. The moon is an excellent heuristic for this. I blog about how to work with the moon through setting an intention at the New Moon stage, tracking lunar phases and signs throughout the month, and following particular practices and meditations at particular times. And in my private sessions, I help women identify their own unique lunar cycles, so we all know how to work and live in alignment with our optimal rhythms.

Hungry for more on January’s Wonder Woman?

Check out ezziespencer.com

And here’s the celebrating the real wonder women in your life!

Stay tuned for February…

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