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Why Mercury Retrograde is Good for Your Business (+ Soul)

October 22nd, 2013 | 11 comments

Full Astrological Disclosure: I’m a recovering astrology addict.

Definition: Since I first read my astrological forecast in my grandmother’s well-thumbed edition of the Womens Weekly, I’ve been battling a life-long obsession with all-things starry + superstitious.

Call me a perfectionist, call me anal (well, I’m a Virgo after all), but give me a system that a) categorises + analyses people,  relationships, emotions and b) predicts + explains the human condition and c) gives me permission to cut my hair when the moon is waning and d) wax when the moon is, ermmm, waxing, and I’m. In. Heaven. Astrologically speaking.

So why then have I sought to recover from this painfully pleasurable past-time?

Frankly, because just like an alcoholic needs to examine why they love the grog the way they do, it became clear (approx mid 2009) that my compulsive need to align every action with a benevolent constellation of stars was bordering on…self-limiting.

And nothing was more self-limiting than my fear of (cue the dramatic music for it): Mercury. Retrograde. (Insert shrill screams of impending murder etc, etc).

When I came face-to-face with my fear of the Big Bad, Scary Mercury Retrograde, I uncovered an unhealthy need for control.

**I’m assuming you’re familiar with the term Mercury Retrograde. But if not, all you need to know about Merc Retro is that it’s not the best time to launch or start anything new ( particularly in the communications sector), all things to do with communications, signing documents, finalising plans etc go awry). Seriously, I’m blogging about overcoming my fear of Merc Retro, but I can’t help but fear this blog post will somehow vanish before I’ve written it…

Here are 2 things I nearly didn’t do during a Mercury Retrograde….

1) Start an Online Course that changed my life (in a good way)

Yes, I nearly didn’t take the plunge and do an amazing course that finally clarified what I wanted to do with my life. Because it started during the Merc Retro phase. Glad I got over my fear on that one.

2) Birth a baby

One night, in a heavily-pregnant panic, + after realising my baby might be born during the Mercury Retrograde cycle, I decided simply NOT to birth him until it passed. How did I do this? I spoke to the baby (or tiny victim of his clearly insane mother) and instructed him to “Don’t come out, whoever you are”…. until the phase ( that would clearly set him on a path of self-destruction) had passed. Did I mention my need for control?

There are plenty of blog posts that tell you how to survive Merc Retrograde (I should know, having read them all). But here are the three reasons (thank god: the point)…

WHY Mercury Retrograde is Good for Your Business ( + Soul).

#1 You can embrace 9 weeks of holidays a year.

Given that Mercury Retrograde happens generally 3 times per year, and lasts for approximately 3 weeks, wouldn’t these times be ideal for scheduling in some vitally important holiday-time. Oh wait, you can expect delays in your travel arrangements (damn you, Mercury retrograde). But, seriously, if you’re happy to go with the flow, have a cruisy, relaaaaxed holiday, then Merc Retrograde is the perfect star-aligned time to take time out from working on your business, and instead nurture your soul.

# 2 Cleaning is ultra-purposeful.

Maybe it’s just me, but surely you’d find going over your books, throwing out junk, cleaning the house etc soooo much more enjoyable if you had a mystical purpose-filled reason for doing so?

Mercury Retrograde is like Heaven’s equivalent of nesting-time. De-cluttering is so good for your soul, + your business. And if you’ve got a soul-business? Bonus points.

# 3 You learn the art of patience.

Considering either a) things go awry during Mercury Retrograde or b) you THINK things go awry during Mercury Retrograde, this is the perfect time to practice the art of waiting. But this is 2013. And I’m a Gen Y, you say. Tricky. Very tricky. But if you use Merc Retrograde to practice patience, resilience + acceptance, I promise, good things will come ( Because have you seen my evidence? Trrrrust me.)

Most of all, remember that Mercury Retrograde is something that everyone is supposedly experiencing. So if things are going wrong for you, well, the sweet relief is this: they’re probably going wrong for everybody.

Your recovering astrology-addict,

Kate x

P.S Please, please, please share one of your crazy Mercury Retrograde stories in the comments below. I just received a cute text from my husband that said: “Please admit that you’re crazy,” + I’d like to know that I’m not the only one suffering this affliction.





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11 people have commented
  1. I follow my horoscope daily, and it’s insanely accurate. I love being prepared for the day! Bring on Mercury retrograde…I’m ready for it. I really enjoyed reading your article. How fun! x

  2. Sherri says:

    Loved your post Kate – glad I visited your blog! Love your sense of humour!!! (Not an Aussie, buta Canadian and we still use the letter “u” in our words too lol!!)
    Looking forward to reading more!!

  3. Lisa S. says:

    What a fantastic way to look at Merc rx!! I do tend to dread these cycles but as I’ve aged and come to survive them.. I’ve embraced that they truly aren’t that bad 🙂 Ok, my Facebook page going down yesterday (say what??), a client mucking up her own creative collateral and process, and car troubles aside… really, I”m embracing this cycle. Really.

  4. Carolan Ross says:

    Just the other day I read about mercury in retrograde, and it was pretty much doom and gloom. ..full of all the things one does NOT do during this period. Astrology is interesting, but I’m not an addict – still I was about to finally about to DO something I had procrastinated forever and a day. It has bugged me some, but I’m moving forward.
    Love finding silver linings inside clouds, so thanks for your postive and entertaining view.

  5. Laura says:

    I definitely brace myself for Mercury Retrograde; I don’t plan anything new if I can help it. But I don’t embrace it as I should, by de-cluttering, or relaxing. I seem to spend the three weeks anxiously expecting the worst. I think I’ll take your advice this time and do some sorting out, throwing out and cleaning up my workspace!

  6. Jenny says:

    HAHA! I HAVE to ask… did the baby wait until after mercury retrograde?!
    What a fun post. I’m not the biggest fan of this time, but it’s a great reminder to back up my computer and take an extra time-out: bubble bath or traveling! Thanks for this… and I agree, I’m quite obsessed with astrology myself and it’s always accurate!

    • Kate Erlenbusch says:

      Hi Jenny, glad you enjoyed the post. And yes, baby did “wait” until Mercury turned forward again. Phew!

      • Angela says:

        I loved this post and was giggling all the way through as I’m just beginning my addiction with Astrology. The funniest part…when your baby waited till Mercury Retrograde was over! Too funny. And I agree with what you say about Merc. R 🙂 P.S glad you’re an Aussie too!

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  8. GIna says:

    Ha! I have a twist –in my mind: If I want to “start” something during Mercury Retrograde I seem to always find a way to make the new start really something from my past (as that is acceptable –right?) I must have at least thought about it before 😉
    Love that I found you through Mara Glatzel!

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