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A New Year’s Invocation

January 5th, 2016 | no comments


Let me not seek

A new me
In this new year


Breathe into me
An unconquerable courage
To call back
The lost or dead-end parts of myself
That went into hiding
Long ago


Let me alchemize my ashes
Into bold new flames


Give me the strength
To love all the lost-boys
And feral-girls
Within my psyche
Let me look at them
Without terror
Only tenderness


Let me make peace with the mystery
Help me live inside this
Life/Death/Life renewal
Without having to know
Every God damned or blessed thing


May I surrender more fully
Into the muck of it all
See what I see
Feel what I feel
And create from the golden-scrapings
Of that treasured, weathered corpse.

For I wish to make flowers blossom
Through the eyes of skulls
Live fertile and fierce
Beyond fear or faking
The too-long, tight-lipped smile.

If there be magic in
This new year
As there is in
Each new day
Help me find
Magic in the muck


Let me alchemize the ashes
Into bold new flames.

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