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Read this prayer/poem when affirmation is not forthcoming

April 7th, 2014 | 3 comments



 You want him to say this

You expect her to say that

Your soul is tired

And your pain-body emerges

Needy. Hungry.


Without fully realizing you’re craving it —

The Affirmation. The Validation:

You’re aware it’s not forthcoming.


So, what do you do?

When you’re desperate for…

Unadorned affirmation.

The kind that says with gentle eyes…

“Yes, you are seen. And you are good.

I’ve seen what you’ve endured today.

You’ve done well,

You’re doing well, keep going.”


Human beings, so fickle:

We are.

Human beings that never see the

Whole picture of your life…

Only the fractured parts.

That make impressions, invite assumptions.


Holy Wow, you realize:

How dependent are other humans

On you too.

For their feelings.


Humans (poor, strange creatures)

Something far greater exists than us

Quietly. Modestly.

Gently, yet magnificently arresting –

Our Earth. Our home.

Sun. Moon. Sky. Nature.



You look at the sky

And you realize this ever-changing artwork

Is always there

Silently affirming your existence – if you let it.


The Sky for You…

Is sometimes spectacular.

If you’re lucky, the sky will

Take. Your. Breath. Away

And always, ever-present


Looking up, looking beyond

This benevolence blesses you

Delivers the sense of expansion you seek


Just for today…

Let the breeze that touches your face

Be all the affirmation you need.


Just for today…

Let whatever natural beauty …

Unexpected cloud formations

The now-noticed bird-song in the background

Piercing light peeping through trees


Whenever you find yourself searching for

An affirming smile,

A reassuring nod,

Praise from your partner,

positive feedback from a client….


Wonder if there might be another ways for you to feel validated

Beyond the human-kind


It is always there

See it as a gift

And so it shall be.

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3 people have commented
  1. sue says:

    what a beautiful poem Kate… and perfect timing. thank you xxxx

  2. Amen! Seeking the affirmation in the moment and inside ourselves.

  3. marion lowther says:

    Wow! so beautiful and heartfelt just the words i needed to read today x0

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