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Read This: When You Feel Like You Don’t Quite Fit (or There’s Not Enough Room)

January 15th, 2014 | 3 comments


There is a space for you
Wherever you wish to be —
You fit.
There is room.
Plenty of room in
The Tribe You Belong To

You belong
To the people you’re called to
The people you’re feeling intrigued
Or intimidated by
You belong

Perhaps your role is uncertain
But you won’t be an add-on —
Your role will be specific
And will move everyone forward

Maybe you’ll be the connector
Maybe you’ll be an echo of shared truth
Or maybe you’ll be a Divine Disruptor
To a group you cherish
Who knows exactly, we’ll see

Maybe you’ll be misunderstood
That’s OK
You are meant to express
That which you are called to express.

May your words have love
Fierce, but compassionate

May your truth burn
May you not waiver
But simply be curious
About how you may change your mind
Or heart
Consistency is good
But you are greater

Always remember
That there is enough space for you
Wherever you wish to be

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3 people have commented
  1. Clare Greig says:

    I want to print these beautiful words and give them to all the teenagers of the world trying to find their feet. So beautiful. 🙂

  2. Oh Ms Kate, this is so beautiful.
    I love the message of compassionate authenticity (to self); yep, it is ok (for one) to be misunderstood and change one’s mind. Perhaps, at times, things going unheard or misconstrued, or inconsistency ruffling feathers, is indeed, the only way to act in line with your truth.
    Thank you for your ongoing wisdom, you wise woman.
    This is to be printed and it will take prime place in the pool room of my new abode.
    All my love xo

  3. Ah, feel free to print + give freely to any teenager, Clare. And Amy, honoured to have my words in your “pool room” — that would be so “noice.”

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