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Walk (Don’t Run) for your Shot of Inspiration

October 10th, 2013 | no comments

Confession: I was completely out of ideas today. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Nothing.

So I panicked.

And then I berated myself:  “How can you come up with a gazillion ideas for other people’s blogs, but not ONE for your own?” “How can you not even have your own blog calendar yet?”(Yep. You caught me with my undies ’round my ankles on that one!) “How can you not have ONE SINGLE IDEA?”

Until I remembered.  I had many ideas. All written down.  And even more simmering in my little head.

The problem was two-fold. I hadn’t moved. And I hadn’t eaten.

Not that I had the brain-power to connect those dots until I nearly fainted.

Moral of the Story (trust me I’m getting to it):

It’s easy to overlook the simple things when you’re stuck in overwhelm.

Creativity… kinda needs oxygen.

So even though my fabulously fit friends wouldn’t approve of my choice of walking over running (I have some pretty fit friends. Like crazy-fit. Defend-me-in-the-fights-I’ll-never-get-into kind of fit), here’s my case for the humble form of exercise I love:

  • Walk (Don’t Run) because solutions will emerge.

As Julia Cameron states in her inspired work Walking in this World “as we stretch our legs, we stretch our minds and our souls.” So true Jules, so true. Whenever I’m stuck, creatively or otherwise, a walk will usually fix the problem. Staring at your computer? Putting off a walk until you “get it done.” You’re much better to get off your arse, move your limbs + stretch your consciousness.

You don’t need to “think” about your problem. Focus on the movement. Trust me. A solution will arise from the slow-paced rhythm of your gait. Even Leo Tolstoy said “The best thoughts most often come in the morning after waking, while still in bed or while walking.”. So if you didn’t have an epiphany yet today, go for a walk. Like now.

  • Walk (Don’t Run) because creative super-powers reside in the body.

Hunting for the perfect sentence? Searching for your lost mojo? That was me, this morning. Until I couldn’t take the angst + set off on my walk. And the most amazing ideas flooded in.

But the most amazing idea that came to me, while walking, was this:

“You’re not losing your creative super-powers Kate. You’re. Just. Hungry.”

Thank you amazing idea. I’d forgotten: brain need food.

Creativity doesn’t really need anything too complicated to sustain it. It’s a totally accessible force to any human. But it does need light, food, water + time. Don’t forget to eat. It’s that simple.

Walk (Don’t Run) because it’s free (like love + sunshine).

Hold up. Lots of my clients are personal trainers, so I’m not advocating you not invest in your health + well-being. Get your gym membership, your personal trainer, or your health coach, puhlease. But don’t forget that walking daily requires nothing but good shoes, + a good, safe path.

So, before you lose the plot, book  your psychotherapy session, or decide you’ve lost it….. go for a walk. Or eat.

Eating is good. Now I’m hungry.

And a little curious. What are your guaranteed inspiration-igniters? Is it walking? I’d love you to let me know in the comments below.

Keep walking,


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