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Which Letter Turns You On?

August 14th, 2015 | 3 comments

“I’ve got a thing for the Letter S. Am I weird?” my friend Mel asked at our regular writing date.


“Why wouldn’t you? S is Sexy. Seductive. Salacious. Serpentine. Souful. Sacral. Ssssssss,” I hissed before we both snorted with laughter.


Personally, I have a “thing” for the Letter L. Love. Lollipops. Language. Laughter. Lightness-of- Being. Latte. Lyrical. Luminous. I could go on…


There’s so much to love about individual letters. The way they look, the way they feel and the way they move in your mouth. So if you’ve never had a crush on a letter, here’s a little list to get you going.


I’ve chosen the words not for their meanings, but because of how they sound. Pick a few and sing them out loud. After a few minutes, you’ll notice a change in your consciousness. Seriously. Or choose one letter and write it over and over again. Why not?


Here’s my letter-lust list:


A is for: Aspiring. Astute. Alchemy. Algorithm. Alla Breve. Alleluia. Ambrosia. Aqua.


B is for: Babushka. Beau. Bebop. Bibulous. Blaze. Bobble. Bodhisattva. Buoyant.


C if for: Caboodle. Cadence. Celestial. Cherry. Chin-Chin. Cockle. Crescendo.


D is for: Decadence. Dandelion. Diminutive. Dolce Vita. Dreaming. Duffer. Dynamo.


E is for: Ease. Eclectic. Edible. Effluent. Elemental. Enrapture. Ephemeral. Expression.


F is for: Fascinating. Felicitate. Fipple Flute. Flaunt. Flourish. Fortune. Fruity. Funk.


G is for: Galangal. Gemini. Ghoul. Gibbous. Globalize. Google. Grace. Guernsey.


H is for: Halawa (yum!). Heavenly. Hibiscus. Hobbit. Hullabaloo. Hummus (yum yum!). Hydronic.


I is for: Idea. Igloo. Illumination. Illustration. Impromptu. Indigo. Infusion. Ivory.


J is for: Jabberwocky. Jelly. Jitterbug. John Doe. Journal. Joyride. Jubilation. Juxtapose.


K is for: Kabuki. Kerfuffle. Kinaesthetic. Kleptomaniac. Kosher. Krishna. Koumiss.


L is for: Licorice. Labyrinth. Lekker. Libido. Loqacious. Lucrative. Lyricist.


M is for: Macho. Madeleine. Medicine. Milliner. Mollycoddle. Moselle. Muso


N is for: Narcissus. Nemesis. Nicotine. Nocturnal. Nubile. Nymph. Nyungar.


O is for: Oblique. Oath. Octave. Odious. Okeydokey. Omniscient. Orgasmic. Ossify.


P is for: Paella. Palindrome. Peace. Periscope. Phantom. Philosophy. Pi. Powwow.


Q is for: Quagga. Questionnaire. Quibble. Quorn. Quintessence. Quotidian.


R is for: Rapporteur. Realm. Reckoning. Rhodesian. Riches. Rollicking. Rummage.


S is for: Sacred. Saloon. Swoon. Scarlet Woman. Seasonal. Shmooze. Simpatico.


T is for: Tabula Rasa. Tango. Teenybopper. Theophany. Tiddlywink. Tousle.


U is for: Ubiquitous. Umbrage. Union. Upsydaisy. Urban. Utterance. Uvular.


V is for: Vacuous. Valentine. Valkyrie. Velveteen. Verdant. Vibration. Vulcanian.


W is for: Waffle (yum!). Wahoo. Wedge. Whang. Wild. Willow. Wondrous. Wyvern.


X is for: Xanadu. Xenophile. Xhosa. Xmas. Xylene. Xylinide. Xylose.


Y is for: Yang. Yearling. Yogi. Younker. Youthful. Yucca. Yule. Yummy.


Z is for: Zeal. Zen. Zenith. Ziggurat. Zodiac. Zucchini. Zygote. Zymogen. ZZZZZ.


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3 people have commented
  1. Claire Baker says:

    Oohhh – I must have a thing for C, P and W I think! This is the best x

  2. I often say to clients, ‘Your name has really lovely letters!’ Good to know I’m not the only letter-looney!!! Personally I’ve got a thing for M. Think it’s ‘coz the proper Gaelic spelling of my name starts with M – I feel guilty for ditching her!

    Vari x

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