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Wonder Woman {Extended Chat with Renee Longworth}

June 8th, 2014 | 1 comment

“Helping people connect with their sacredness and the sacredness around them” sums up what Renee Longworth, Feng Shui consultant + energy healer, does for a living. My growing fascination with Renee’s Feng Shui tips showing up on my Instagram newsfeed prompted a need to talk to the woman herself.


Heads up….. we go (blissfully) off topic. I couldn’t wait to dig into Renee’s views about Feng Shui, boundaries and group dynamics.

So in this video you’ll discover:

// The biggest myths about Feng Shui.

// How your space affects you energetically.

// Why you need to re-think who you let in + keep out of your space.


So grab a cuppa + sink in to this soulful chat with my lady Renee Longworth…


Renee Longworth // WordLove Wonder Woman



You can find out more about Renee Longworth at reneelongworth.com





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  1. Great conversation ladies. I did not know that you didn’t need to fill your home with Feng Shui trinkets and decor. Thank you again Renee for teaching me something new! I agree that our homes reflect who we are and our spaces effect how we behave. Town planning works with this principle; so many mistakes were made in the 60s and 70s in urban design. We now know how an urban environment can lead people to certain anti-social behaviours. Or conversely, how we arrange our cities and communities can lead to greater feeling of self-worth and social happiness. Same principle as to where are homes are located, how we arrange our homes, which obviously involves where we put our furniture, how cluttered the space is, how we use the space and the colours, forms and textures we choose.

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